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Business Collaboration

JPEX ASIA successfully partners with a number of businesses with a view to expanding their access into new markets. We are committed to helping businesses that aspire to expanding abroad. When we see their potential, we become as passionate as the owners to make growth across Asia a reality for them. Rather than simply invest capital as a shareholder, we prefer to get hands-on, working on the ground with the companies we invest in so that they can leverage our corporate expertise to grow the business. We are committed to our partners for the long term and seek to work in partnership in a model that is comfortable for our clients by way of joint venture or a profit-sharing agreement. In this way, our clients can rest assured that we have skin in the game and are as committed as they are to business success and a growth in profit. As experts in business collaboration, we actively seek new partnerships where we can establish fresh product lines and portfolios by sharing our growing network and easing penetration into certain new markets. This enables us to serve our clients in those regions better and also reduce the costs and risks involved to ensure a sustainable business network.

Vidol International

Vidol International Inc is a professional Japanese manufacturer of utility OEM, founded in 2014. Having chosen Japan, one of the most innovation-driven markets in the world for technology, we are at the forefront of OEM by producing high quality products for a wide range of industries. ....


S-Labo, Shin Factory

We use soap every day, but how many times do we stop to think how this seemingly simple toiletry was made and how it affects our skin? At S-labo, we believe that soapmaking is an art and that it should respect the highest ethical standards. S-Labo is a Japanese-owned cosmetics company offering only high quality, handmade soap that respects ethical manufacturing practices from start to finish....


Common Concept

Based in Chengdu, our team has worked in world- renowned design companies and are familiar with world-leading brand designs, styles and techniques. ....