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Optimise your trading potential


JPEX ASIA has built a strong presence and network in Southeast Asia through general and industrial trading. Our hands-on, partnering approach, lean methodology and strategic insights add value for our clients as we develop services that aim to deliver low risk and profitability for all involved.


With our unparalleled knowledge of the culture, business practices and documentation requirements specific to the Southeast Asia region, we are able to facilitate trade between Asian markets and increase awareness on the unique opportunities that each market can offer in order to drive further trade, including trading in ODM/OEM products.


We have a specific focus on increasing trade to and from Japan, highlighting the opportunities opening up in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics and the 2025 World Expo, and paving the path for long-term collaboration. We understand the ever-changing needs of the market, and can, therefore, help our partners select the most appropriate countries to trade with, which new markets to enter at the right time, and how to optimise their profit as they execute their business plan.